Blend Launches New LO App
Blend Launches New LO App
January 20, 2020 11:22 AM
Navindra Persaud

Blend's latest loan officer application has been created to help LOs gain flexibility and functionality by providing their consumers with options. The new app will allow loan officers to interact with borrowers anywhere, any time.

"One of the new functionalities allows loan officers to review and countersign borrower-submitted disclosures from a mobile device rather than only from a computer, said Yianni Garcia, a vice president at builder Lennar Corp.'s Eagle Home Mortgage unit, one of the lenders that piloted the automation," according to National Mortgage News.

"Oftentimes our loan officers are at the communities working with customers and interacting with Lennar homebuyers, so when they’re going from community-to-community — or whenever they are just away from their desk — they can stay on top of their pipeline and move loans forward."

The new app will be available for iPhone and Android. According to the report, the company is looking to put upgrades to business users' experience at the same level as consumer users' experience. Blend CEO Nima Ghamsari told NMN that the "lines are blurring between the back end and the front end."

To learn more about the application, click here.

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