Churchill Mortgage Taps Infosys To Launch Churchill Next
January 28, 2020 12:15 PM
Navi Persaud

Churchill Mortgage is teaming up with Infosys for a digital transformation in mortgage lending. The partnership has been created to enhance multiple services provided by Churchill.

These enhancements include providing "the lowest cost in the market to put loans on the books, the highest level of efficiency in terms of loans per person, and the highest level of customer satisfaction and engagement measured by multiple market sources," according to a press release.

"Churchill Mortgage has built a reputation in the marketplace as a trustworthy, full-service mortgage company," said Mohit Joshi, president of Infosys.

"They are taking a significant step in providing value for their customers by not only making it less expensive to obtain a mortgage, but also leveraging emerging technologies to transform the mortgage business and make it increasingly customer-centric. We look forward to bringing this next chapter forward together."

Churchill is looking to leverage new tech to help the company compete with some of the largest lenders and fintech companies in the mortgage space. The report also revealed that Churchill is looking to invest in its personnel in order to generate more originations, and complete more business moving forward.

"We are the strongest we’ve ever been, both in terms of production and operations," said Mike Hardwick, president and CEO of Churchill Mortgage.

"We have an exceptionally diverse sales force, multiple new sources of business, proven processes and we are positioned well for continued success in 2020 – but we’re not stopping there."

To learn more about the new partnership between Churchill Mortgage and Infosys, click here.

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