Connecting You to the Best in Loan Origination
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Connecting You to the Best in Loan Origination
December 11, 2019 1:44 PM
Donald Frommeyer

When you lead something called the Originator Connect Network, you want to be sure you do a good job actually connecting originators to new opportunities and great ideas. As always, our job is to make you superior at what you do for a living. Being the best Loan Originator that you can be by attending our network conferences and hearing speakers that will help you make your jobs easier and you more professional and knowledgeable, and by bringing you actionable information, is key to everyone’s success.

As always, we are striving to bring you new information and keep you up to date. Our Originator Connect Conference is just around the corner from August 16-18 at Planet Hollywood in the fabulous city of Las Vegas,Nevada. We are in the final stages of completing the agenda for this event, but I wanted to tell you about an exciting session that we are putting together. As you all probably know, or maybe you don’t yet, Congress passed the Transitional License rule that will allow you to make an application for doing loans out of your current license state (your company has to be licensed in the additional state already) and to do business there while your license is being approved for a period of 120 days. This goes into effect on November 24th of this year.With that in mind, we are having a session at this event that will include experts in this field who will discuss the who, what, where, when and hows of this new rule and what it means for you and your company. So please make your plans now to attend this fantastic event in Las Vegas. And as always, when you get ready to register, look for my invitation that will allow you to attend the Big Show with a free registration.

Those of you that attended the Build-a-Broker program last year in Vegas and stayed for the Designation program, you will have that ability again this year. Registration for this event will be available very soon and you can earn your designation as a Certified Mortgage Loan Originator(CMLO), the Certified Mortgage Originator (CMO) and the Certified Mortgage Executive (CME). Last year, we had 75 people take the test and 72 people passed and qualified for a designation. If you passed last year, you can just renew your designation – or if you want to get a higher designation, you can again take the class and the test to gain the next designation. This will all take place on Thursday, August 15th. And again, you can take your federally-mandated eight hours of continuing education on Friday, August 16th. All of this information for registration for these and all of the other activities for this great weekend of speakers and sessions will be available very soon so keep your eyes open for your invite.

The Originator Connect Network has continually worked to make your conference experience informative and beneficial to you, the originator. Our belief is to work hard for you to be better at what you do and we want to provide you with the means to get this done. And by attending these events and sessions, you will become a better informed originator and a better person to handle every customer that comes to you for help.

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