Coronavirus Scams On The Rise
March 12, 2020 10:49 AM
Keith Griffin

Industry experts are seeing a rise in coronavirus scams targeted at stealing consumers’ financial information. Businesses need to be vigilant in their anti-phishing efforts.

One phishing campaign revolves around the popular John Hopkins University coronavirus map. American Banker reports researchers at Malwarebytes discovered a malicious program,, that claims to provide an up-to-date coronavirus map just like the one at Johns Hopkins. But the software has embedded malware called corona.exe that’s a variant of AzorUlt, a type of spyware that steals usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other data stored in the user’s browser.

According to, the Trojan is distributed through infected email attachments, malicious online ads, social engineering and software vulnerabilities. Aviram Jenik, CEO of Beyond Security, pointed out that the coronavirus outbreak creates an ideal environment for phishing attacks to succeed. Employees let down their guards and expose corporate servers to risk.

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