Fighting Coronavirus One Bic At A Time
March 16, 2020 11:16 AM
Keith Griffin

A Wisconsin title company has a solution for fighting the coronavirus. At least when it comes to people gathered for the closing of a house purchase.

Knight Barry Title, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal, is going against environmentally friendly practices. No more water cups or coffee mugs for customers. Instead, it is using disposable cups and Bic pens.

The company is buying hundreds of disposable BIC pens, Craig Haskins, chief operating officer, told the Business Joural. “They’re now a one-use item. A pen is given fresh out of the box to each party at a signing. They either leave the office with that person, or are thrown out after the ink dries.”

“It’s different,” Haskins said. “Things we’ve never had to consider before are all happening at the busiest time in the history of what we do.”

All this may become moot. Wisconsin’s governor recently signed into the law a bill making it legal for digital, remote signings instead of in-person closings.

Read more about the Wisconsin approach to the coronavirus.

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