Fortune Finds Its Calling In The Interests of The Industry
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Fortune Finds Its Calling In The Interests of The Industry
January 10, 2020 10:12 AM
Vincent Valvo

There is a time and place for hope and fortune to collide, and it looks ever increasingly as though 2020 in America is the time and place for that to happen.

The mortgage industry is foundational to the American dream of homeownership. Right now, there is a confluence of low interest rates, belief in a strong economy, and a rising swell of entrepreneurship in the mortgage lending industry.

We are seeing many new innovations coming from mortgage lenders across the nation. Technology is reshaping, streamlining, and democratizing access to mortgage capital. Although regulatory constraints continue, the industry has moved past its fear that capped compensation, and other restrictions, will undercut the ability of both mortgage company executives and feet-on-the-street originators from being able to keep this a profitable business.

The broker channel has been growing significantly over the past couple of years, and we expect it will continue to be a critical component as mortgage providers take advantage of an eager, independent and widely dispersed sales force to funnel mortgage loans into their pipelines. But direct retail lenders are also seeing strong growth, and that is a good outcome. A healthy mortgage market --whether wholesale or retail -- means that consumers are active in their search for the best financing possible.

Throughout this year, those of us at the Originator Connect Network are producing live trade shows and conferences across the country. Currently, we have over two dozen mortgage events planned in 2020. These shows allow mortgage professionals to meet one-on-one to discover new opportunities with each other. When we are at these events, it is energizing to watch streams of people interacting, learning, and finding new ways to grow their business.

This is looking to be a thrilling year, one in which fortune is poised for growth and in which hope is set to be answered. We look forward to being an important part of helping to make that happen for each of you.

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