NewRez Joint Venture Benefits Teachers Needing Mortgages
March 13, 2020 8:37 AM
Keith Griffin

National mortgage lender NewRez, through its joint vendor lending division Shelter Mortgage, has partnered with Landed Inc., a a San Francisco-based company offering down payment support and homebuyer education programs geared towards helping teachers and school employees afford to buy homes.

In addition to its shared equity down payment program, Landed also helps school employees navigate and access all of the available options for buying a home, and offers education in finance and the homebuying process. Through this partnership between Landed and Shelter Mortgage/NewRez, Landed Home Loans now offers service enhancements such as a centralized platform with a customized origination and operations system, designed specifically for its customers.

“As we seek out companies to join our growing network of joint venture partners, we were particularly impressed by Landed and how they incorporate a focus on community into their mission as a business,” says Randy Vanden Houten, SVP, joint venture & retail lending, NewRez. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Landed and help them expand their ability to provide more comprehensive support to local heroes at all stages of the homebuying process.”

Read more about the new venture.

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