The Road Warrior : The Family You Build With Brokers
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The Road Warrior : The Family You Build With Brokers
December 12, 2019 10:06 AM

It’s so nice to see such a huge increase in broker activity again. I cannot remember the last time I have seen this much excitement in the mortgage industry. The last few conferences I have attended, which were geared toward mortgage brokers, were incredibly well attended. The best part is we are seeing this increase all across the country.

I have been attending mortgage conferences for many years now. Being on the mortgage service provider side of the business, in appraisal management, I am often asked by the brokers why I’m there. After all, mortgage brokers cannot pick their AMCs. To which I always reply: you have more power than you think.

My focus has always been on education and the fact that knowledge is power. Educating brokers on how to deal with our end of the business can only make things easier for them, and ultimately easier for our clients.

The trick on my end is keeping someone awake long enough for them to soak up the information.

Real estate appraisal is not exactly riveting subject matter, although, it is a fairly decent cure for insomnia. On the flip side of that coin, there is no better way for me to learn about their needs than to ask them personally. Attending these conferences has the added bonus of the opportunity to soak up education in the many breakout sessions. There are few places where one can acquire as much industry information, in such a short period of time as one of these mortgage conferences. Plus, I get to meet an extremely diverse group of people.

The next time you attend a conference, spend a moment actually getting to know the person you are shaking hands with to find out who they really are. Who knows, like I did, you might find an ex NHL hockey player who played with The Great One, a dancer who danced on stage in a Broadway production, or perhaps even a person who was a rockstar with videos on MTV. You know who you are, and you will always be a rock star to me.


This is one of the reasons why I am always excited to checkout a new conference schedule to see where my travels will take me. Not only am I interested in what conferences are being held where, but I am also looking to see what companies will be attending. As any good sales person worth their salt knows, sales are as much about relationships as they are the services your company provides.

Now I am not talking about just being nice and putting on a friendly show. I am talking about real relationships, which in many cases become lifelong friendships. Some of the people I have met have become like family to me. I refer to them as my road family. You have the ones that play the role of uncle Bob or aunt Susan. You know the type, they walk in the room and everyone’s mood is immediately lifted and the party is on. You just can’t help but love them. I am still trying to figure out how uncle Bob manages to keep the party going all night long and be fresh as a daisy the next morning.

You have the crazy cousins, most likely the ones like cousin Dino who talked you into getting up on stage at the Cat’s Meow in New Orleans,while attending the Ultimate Mortgage Expo, to sing Soul Man. Not that I would know anything about that.

And who could forget those all-important siblings? You know the people who always have your back. Like when you are at a conference in Park City and realize the one thing this beautiful venue does not have is oxygen,but your brothers and sisters are there with the assurances that you’re not dying as you fight for breath while walking up Main Street to dinner.

Yes, the road family is not just a group of associates and clients. Like a family, they make these conferences with their long days,never-ending nights, and arduous travel a little bit easier. Of course, it is worth noting that perhaps cousin Dino is better suited for those short one-day conferences. One thing I have learned after all these years, a little time with cousin Dino goes a long long way.

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