When Originators Connect, The Industry Prospers
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When Originators Connect, The Industry Prospers
December 6, 2019 10:24 AM
Vincent Valvo

The opportunities of entrepreneurship are vast, and the rewards can be substantial. But as anyone who’s dipped their toes into the roiling waters of capitalism knows, success is hardly assured.

Just about every mortgage originator is an entrepreneur.They may work under the banner of a brokerage or a bank or credit union or mortgage company. But most LOs are commission-based. They close deals, or they close out. In the end, every originator is a small business.

That’s why in the Originator Connect Network, we don’t treat LOs or other mortgage professionals as if they need our permission to succeed.We don’t tell industry professionals which companies they should work with, and which ones they should shun. We don’t assume we know what’s better for these entrepreneurial individuals, and we don’t try to tell anyone what kinds of loans they should represent, to whom, or from whom.

When we look at originators, we see a vast field of smart,motivated business professionals. People who want to be informed about new opportunities, about best practices, about emerging technologies and innovative products. But who want that information in order to make up their own minds about what works best for them and their clients.

It’s a big reason why the national Originator Connect Conference and our regional conferences across the nation are so important, and so useful. They’re the opportunity for successful mortgage originators to gather and share ideas, be a sounding board for concerns, and see a plethora of opportunities. They’re a chance to be fully immersed in everything that could help you grow your business, without the filter of someone telling you what to originate, or who to originate with.

One of the blessings of entrepreneurship is the chance to effectively be your own boss. There’s a thrill in that, especially as you chart your own course. But to do that, originators need to know all their options and then it’s up to each individual to decide what the best direction is.

We’ve built a series of state, regional and national mortgage originator conferences. These events are designed to be efficient and effective for attendees: take just a day (or two) and get access to an array of informative sessions, along with opportunities to meet companies who can help you expand your business. We now host more than 22 such conferences across the country (you can see them all at www.mortgageconferences.com), including our largest, Originator Connect in Las Vegas. But these aren’t just one-off meetings. They’re the building blocks for a support network unlike any other.

The Originator Connect Network is exclusively for you.There’s no membership fee. There’s no alliance with any ideology, and we don’t blackball companies. There’s no direction from any trade association. This is a pure network of information and resources to help originators learn more and sell more. That’s it. We believe that originators are smart enough to make their own decisions, but like to have access to the information they need to make the best decisions for them.

That’s the connection that counts. And we’re proud to be the ones who do that for you.

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