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San Diego, CA
February 6, 2020
California Mortgage Expo at San Diego
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Starting your business doesn't have to be daunting.
Build-A-Broker is an in-person training event designed to help you establish the solid foundations of your business. This program is designed to show you the basics of setting up your business — from how to rent space, to what accounting programs are recommended — and will also cover topics including choosing your loan origination systems, how to pick a CRM system, and more.
The Build-A-Broker program is always free for members, and available exclusively at select Originator Connect Network Events.
Example Curriculum
Our courses vary slightly by event, but our curriculums are broken down into four courses: Introduction, technology, products, and policies. The course typically runs 5 hours long.
Brokerage 101
Brokerage 101 focuses on the foundation for establishing your business, presented by experienced mentors. This course includes topics such as:
  • How to lease an office space that will grow with you
  • How to furnish your space with a budget
  • Choosing an accounting program and payroll provider
  • What is the right corporate form for you? (LLC vs. Corp.)
  • How to determine if your workers are employees or independent contractors.
Getting the Tech Advantage
We have a panel of technology providers to discuss innovative tech tools you can use to set your brokerage up for success, such as:
  • Marketing automation
  • Finding better LOS systems
  • Tracking & mobile tools to dramatically increase your brokerage's effectiveness
Establishing a Competitive Advantage
Few brokerages can fully grow without offering more than the standard-vanilla residential home mortgage. We bring in product experts to discuss an array of diverse products such as:
  • Non-QM loans, and the pros and cons
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Fix & Flip mortgages
  • and more
Brokerage 102
Brokerage 102 focuses on the additional foundational issues for establishing your business, with topics such as:
  • Policy & Procedures that every company needs, including BSA/AML, Sexual Harassment, and more
  • Marketing & Compliance — under RESPA, TILA, Reg. N, the CFPB, getting leads, co-marketing with Realtors, and more.
  • Compliance training, auditing, and testing.
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