About This Webinar

How Annie Mac’s Ryan Kube retains the best talent by doubling their business!

Recorded live on 
June 11, 2020

Loan officers are in higher demand than ever before. The demand has increased year over year by 11% (2018-2019). With higher competition for trained loan officers and other mortgage professionals, mortgage leaders like Ryan Kube shine among their peers, because they invest in the most effective technologies, such as a Borrower Intelligence system that notifies lenders when a borrower is ready for a loan. Their employee retention and recruitment strategy is focused on data-driven results: doubling and tripling the business of their loan officers.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The best in practice retention and recruitment strategies at Annie Mac
  • What borrower intelligence is and why it’s a vital utility for loan officers
  • How to use alerts, and automate outreach to borrowers, so loan officers do very little work
  • See the ROI you can expect (hint… it’s really high)

Alex Kutsishin

Co-Founder & CEO
Sales Boomerang

Ryan Kube

Executive Vice President of Production
AnnieMac Home Mortgage