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Mid-South Mortgage Expo

May 5, 2021

From Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, there’s no greater gathering of mortgage originators than the Mid South Mortgage Expo. In a convenient one-day format, don’t miss out on our lineup of engaging events centered around networking, skill-building, and having a great time with your peers at our amazing sessions.

This Summer's Premier Event

Originator Connect

August 20 — 22, 2021
Las Vegas, NV

Be part of the nation’s largest and most innovative mortgage conference focused solely on the origination community at brokerages, banks and credit unions. A three-day weekend event that motivates originators, drives your business forward with new tools, and energizes and educates on ways to propel volume to new heights.

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New issue!
March 2021

Make More Money!

In this edition of National Mortgage Professional, we look at how understanding why originators want to make more money is the key to them actually increasing their bankroll; whether Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are better off as public utilities; how credit scoring algorithms are getting blown to smithereens by pandemic protections; why video marketing is taking over the picture; and who some of the nation’s most successful mortgage originators are.

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